Has the New Coronavirus Pandemic Reignited Your Health Anxiety? 3 Benefits of Seeking Counseling

10 April 2020
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As someone with a known health anxiety disorder, you may be finding that the coronavirus has triggered your symptoms. Although it is normal to worry about your health to a certain extent, it shouldn't interfere with your everyday activities. Once you find that you are obsessing over symptoms that may or may not be there, it is time to reach out for help. 

Reaching out to local counseling services can put you in direct contact with someone who can help you to deal with the changes that are happening in your life. In addition to being someone you can talk to, a counselor also provides you with these benefits for reducing the symptoms of your health anxiety.

Take a Break from Your Daily Stress

Right now, there is a great deal of focus on the coronavirus and how it is impacting the world. Your life might have also changed significantly, and you may be reeling from all of the changes in your daily routine. The decision to go to a counselor can create a special place in your schedule where you can take a break and talk about your problems to someone else. Knowing that you have that counseling session coming up can make it easier to set your worries aside because you'll have tehe chance to talk to a professional.

Learn or Reinforce Your Grounding Techniques

When your anxiety levels rise, it is normal to feel a loss of control. You might also suddenly begin to hyper-focus on your body and the symptoms that you are feeling. One of the things that you will work on in counseling is learning how to bring your mind back to a state of calm through the use of grounding techniques. These techniques are a lot like what you might do when you practice mindful meditation. However, they do take practice; your counselor can help you to strengthen your ability to use the current environment to ground your thoughts.

Identify New Self-Care Strategies

Most likely, many of the ways that you used to keep yourself calm are not possible to do right now. For instance, your gym might be closed, or you might not be able to go for your regular massage. Although you may be forced to find ways to relax away from other people, you do have options. During your counseling sessions, you can begin to identify alternative self-care strategies to take the place of the ones that you lost. You might take a walk instead of going to the gym or run a hot bubble bath to take the place of a massage.