Seeking Christian Counseling? 3 Reasons To Consider Online Options

22 April 2020
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If you are a Christian, then you likely want to look for someone who shares your religious position when seeking a counselor. This way, you can be confident that your counselor is taking a Christ-centered approach that resonates with the way you see the world and live your life. They are likely to integrate prayer and scripture into their approach.

However, in addition to the decision to seek Christian counseling, there is another decision you'll need to make. Should you see a counselor in person, or should you seek out someone who offers online services? Although in-person counseling works well for many people, there are some real advantages to seeking Christian counseling online. Here's a look.

1. You might have better luck finding someone from your denomination.

If you are a Lutheran, working with a counselor who is a Baptist may present some differences in doctrine, for example. And if you are Methodist, you may not want to work with a Catholic counselor. The problem is that Christian counselors are already in somewhat short supply. So you may not find someone in your own town who belongs to the same denomination as you. When you seek online counseling, you can choose from counselors all over the world, so you will have plenty of options within your own denomination. 

2. You can schedule more flexibly.

If you're like most people, you already have a lot on your schedule, between work, family obligations, and church obligations. You may not have free time during the day when in-person counselors are working. If the only time you have free is early in the morning or late at night, online counseling is a better fit, time-wise. Online counselors can set their own hours, so they often work these offbeat hours since that's when more clients are available, too.

3. You can take your time to look up and research things.

In Christian counseling, especially, there are a lot of times when scripture and interpretations of scripture are referenced. If you were to meet someone in an office for counseling, you would have to use your phone or a Bible if you wanted to look up Bible verses or the like as you work though a session. When you do online counseling, on the other hand, you can just open a separate tab and look things up as you go. Your counselor can easily send you links to referenced text, too.

Online counseling has a lot of advantages, especially for people seeking a Christian approach. Find a counselor whose services meet your needs, and experience the benefits for yourself.

If online christian counseling is something you are interested in, find one that works for you.