4 Features You Can Expect From An Intensive Outpatient Program

17 December 2021
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Cessation of drug and alcohol use is a valuable decision you can make for your health. However, quitting substance use doesn't usually happen overnight. Many people need assistance recovering from their addictions. An intensive outpatient program can help you get the help you need to recover from substance abuse. Intensive outpatient programs are ideal for people who do not require inpatient care but need more assistance than more traditional outpatient programs can provide. Here are four features you can expect from an intensive outpatient program:

1. The Ability To Maintain Your Responsibilities

Intensive outpatient programs give people who struggle with substance abuse the support they need to stop using drugs or alcohol. However, due to the nature of outpatient programs, patients will be able to continue living at home. This will allow parents and people with familial responsibilities to continue their caretaking duties. Intensive outpatient programs can also be ideal for people who need to continue working since appointments can be attended outside of work hours.

2. Strong Support

Intensive outpatient programs offer significant support to people who are struggling to overcome their addictions. In this type of program, patients will attend several counseling sessions every week. These sessions will allow them to explore the root of their addictions. During sessions, addiction counselors can help patients find meaningful reasons to continue along the path to sobriety. People who are committed to recovery are more likely to see their treatment through to the end. Intensive outpatient treatment programs can also provide detox services to people who are overcoming their physical dependency on alcohol, opiates, and other addictive substances.

3. Peer Counseling

The support of peers can be valuable when overcoming addiction. Peers can often offer unique insight that can be helpful to patients. Patients in an intensive outpatient treatment program will have the opportunity to attend peer counseling sessions with other people in similar situations. The opportunity to relate to others can help patients overcome their feelings of isolation and despair. Group therapy can be facilitated by counselors to create a healthy and productive environment for discussions. Group therapy sessions can be used to supplement individual sessions with addiction counselors.

4. A Recovery Plan

Intensive outpatient treatment programs will help patients to develop addiction recovery plans. Effective recovery plans can give people hope by breaking their recovery down into manageable steps. As patients progress through the program, they may notice increased freedom from their addictions and cravings.