Pursue Case Worker Job Openings

31 August 2022
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A degree in social work may have prompted you to seek employment as a case worker. A case worker may work in the medical field or may deal directly with disadvantaged adults and children, recovering addicts, and others who are facing daily obstacles.

A Career Path

Many employers seek case workers who have a solid foundation with working with the public. A person who is pursuing the role of a case worker may want to hone in on one particular job type or may want to begin their career journey as an intern. First, it is helpful to identify one's strengths and weaknesses. An individual with a degree in social work may be passionate about working with kids or those who are aging.

A case worker is someone who offers support services, including counseling clients, developing individualized treatment plans, and making sure that their client or clients receive all of the services they need. Upon choosing a particular career, a social work graduate can reach out to hospitals, schools, government entities, and other places that typically employ case workers.

Building a solid foundation within a place of business is the first step to attaining a promising career. There may be some places of business that are looking for entry-level social workers or that are offering an internship. These jobs may not pay as well as what a case worker earns, but there may be room for growth and the possibility of becoming a case worker in the future.


Fulfilling a series of credentials that case workers are required to uphold will increase the odds of being qualified for case worker positions. A case worker should have a valid driver's license, since they may be required to visit clients at their homes or a public location. A case worker should be compassionate and able to effectively counsel a client. A case worker may need to receive licensing, depending upon the jurisdiction where they are seeking employment.

Each employer who has openings for a case worker may have their own list of job requirements that they would like applicants to fulfill. Upon researching various job openings, it is a good idea to prepare a resume and a cover letter. A professional resume and cover letter that lists qualifications, past work experiences, and the intent of an applicant may impress someone who is seeking a new employee. Preparing for an interview is the final step associated with landing a case worker job.