Should You Book A Session With A Marriage Counselor? 3 Undeniable Signs

20 March 2023
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All marriages, including yours, experience some inevitable challenges. Sadly, most couples don't know how to handle them well when they come. Others don't realize their marriage has a problem that demands professional intervention. Telling your friend, colleague, or relative about your unhealthy marriage isn't a good idea because they may not have the necessary tools to help you fix it. If your marriage isn't working or you are experiencing serious marital issues, prioritize professional counseling services.

Here's how you know it's the right time to book a session with a marriage counselor

You Are Always Fighting

Married couples sometimes fight, mainly when working out their disagreements or expressing themselves. However, frequent fighting can show that your marriage is quite unhealthy. If your arguments have become petty and unending, you should seek help from a reputable marriage counselor. The counselor will not just help you stop fighting, but they will also establish the root cause of your constant fights. Of course, you will sometimes disagree, but the counselor helps you learn how to do it without making unfair assumptions, calling each other names, or being too upset or worked up. They also discourage you from raising topics that could hurt your relationship, particularly those touching on each other's horrible past.

You Rarely Talk

You may not be insulting each other or disagreeing a lot. However, you should be worried if you rarely talk. You definitely need to see a counselor if you don't say more than "good night" or "good morning" to each other these days. You may both give reasons for it, but you should consider it a sign of an unhealthy marriage. For instance, you may say you don't want to talk because you had a hectic day at work, are tired, are unwell, or have issues bothering you. Unfortunately, these excuses might not be the actual cause of your loud silence. Talking to a counselor about it helps a lot because they can discover why you rarely talk and help revive communication.

You Always Have Unhealthy Money Discussions

Money should add value and taste to your marriage. Unfortunately, it can be a source of contention if you are not careful. Most married couples argue over money, mainly when settling monthly bills and meeting other family needs. You have a problem that a counselor should address if you always quarrel over how much you have in your bank account, what you spent it on, or who makes more money than the other. Typically, couples should have productive talks when discussing family finances. But if you always make each other feel intimidated or inferior when money topics arise, ensure you get counseling services as quickly as possible.