3 Types Of Anxiety Therapy That Can Help You Recover

27 May 2021
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Anxiety can be caused by many triggers, such as stress from work, school, global occurrences, and trauma due to domestic violence, accident, natural disaster, or illnesses. Also, it can occur as a side effect of medicines and drug usage. Anxiety is generally categorized into obsessive-compulsive panic, phobia, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Fortunately, these disorders can be controlled by therapy. This guide discusses three types of anxiety therapy you should consider. Read More 

Why Group Therapy Is An Important Part Of OCD Treatment

11 March 2021
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Living with obsessive compulsive disorder can be quite difficult. However, most patients see a marked improvement in their quality of life once they enter a treatment program and get help from knowledgeable professionals. Individual therapy is a big part of this treatment, but many programs do also include a group therapy aspect. This part of OCD treatment is incredibly helpful — so helpful, in fact, that if you're seeking treatment for OCD, you should be sure to select a program that does include group therapy. Read More